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Creating change from within: What we can learn from excellent schools

The recent experience with the Covid-19 pandemic turned many things upside down: No longer did the students come to the schools to learn, but the teaching had to come to the students’ homes. Since no education system could prepare for this, schools had to take initiative and reinvent themselves.

 Big challenges often lead to innovative solutions. Many schools have outgrown themselves in recent months, proving that the crisis can also be an opportunity for school improvement and teaching development. The German School Award 2021 honored forward-looking concepts that have the potential to sustainably improve learning and teaching. In addition, the concepts are a source of inspiration for other schools, which can learn from the experiences made. Michael Schratz, who is chairman of the jury of the German School Award, shows what we can learn from excellent schools.

Presentation eTwinning Webinar 7 June, 2021


Michael Schratz at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2019

"Don't Lecture Me!"

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2019


Nobel Laureate Carl E. Wieman (USA) talking with Michael Schratz and other experts about Active Learning: What is active learning and how does it work? Is it really more effective than currently used methods? What are its strengths, what are its weaknesses? To discuss these questions, Carl E. Wieman and several education practitioners and experts met at the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.  Full text and video. 

Introduction to Vignette Research

NIE | Singapore


27 September 2019

9 am to 5 pm


Leading towards the emerging future in a rapidly changing world

Vilnius, Lithuania: European Commission 2013

Promoting school leadership for equity and learning

Heraklion, Greece: EPNoSL 2015

Why teachers need to learn together with their students

Glasgow, Scotland: ICSEI Conference 2016


Teacher Education and Teacher Education Policies in the European Union

Budapest, Hungary:  EDiTE Final Conference 2014

Michael Schratz
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